Elizabeth Entenman
Updated March 16, 2018 6:41 am

Another day, another Donald Trump burn from Jimmy Kimmel. During the March 14th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host unboxed some merchandise he ordered from the Trump family’s official online store, TrumpStore.com. He wanted to see just how many items were actually American-made. (The answer: None that he ordered were.) Kimmel also received a few products that didn’t have a country of origin listed. So he decided to take action and announced that he was filing a federal complaint against the Trump Store.

After the segment aired, the Trump Store tweeted at Kimmel and attempted to troll him by thanking him for the free publicity. The tweet also included a link to shop the Trump Store’s Made in America collection, plus a picture of some of the items for sale. The link takes you to the collection, which includes 20 items. (For reference, the site has dozens of different products. Apparently, only 20 of them are American-made.)

Interestingly, the Trump Store website does not currently call out or link to this special Made in America collection in any way. Our hunch is that the collection page was made quickly after the segment aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Here’s the Trump Store’s attempt to troll Kimmel.

Kimmel replied, unfazed by their weak attempt to embarrass him.

Twitter was not having it either.


Looks like we’re not the only ones who think the Trump Store threw the Made in America page together quickly.

The Trump Store completely missed (or purposefully ignored) the point.

Kimmel wasn’t asking them to prove that they offer a handful of American-made products. He was calling them out for claiming to be supportive of making goods in America, but then outsourcing. His critique rightfully nailed them for failing to mark certain products with their country of origin. And Twitter called that out too.


Keep the exposés coming, Jimmy.