Anna Sheffer
Updated Mar 13, 2018 @ 11:00 am
President Donald Trump's personal assistant John McEntee fired
Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

When President Donald Trump was running for election, he bragged about hiring the “best people.” But as his time in office progresses, members of the White House staff continue to resign or be fired, suggesting otherwise. Reasons for staffers departing from the White House have included charges as serious as domestic violence allegations. Most recently, Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, was escorted from the White House and is reportedly facing a criminal investigation.

Officials at the White House reportedly removed McEntee yesterday, March 12th, and the Wall Street Journal broke the news of McEntee’s firing today, March 13th, writing that it was due to a “security issue.” According to CNN, the Department of Homeland Security is investigating McEntee for “serious financial crimes.” CNN’s unnamed source said that these actions were unrelated to Trump, however.

But despite the charges against McEntee, it didn’t take long for Trump to find a way to bring him back into the fold. Shortly after news of his removal broke, the president announced that McEntee would be his senior adviser for campaign operations in the 2020 election.

Trump originally hired McEntee to work on his 2016 presidential campaign and then later brought him on staff as a “body guy” — an aide who accompanies the president at all times.

McEntee was just one of several White House employees who were waiting to be approved for permanent security clearance due to failed background checks. These employees also included Jared Kushner and former staff secretary Rob Porter.

Between rumors that morale is low in the White House and the seemingly endless stream of resignations and removals in the federal government, it’s apparent that Trump’s administration is in a state of chaos. We’re not necessarily surprised to see another Trump staffer removed, but it’s still unacceptable for so many of the president’s appointments to fail. We need a government staffed by competent and credible people, and so far, Trump has not provided that.