Daryl Lindsey
Updated Nov 16, 2017 @ 4:04 pm
Brett Talley
Credit: Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

We all need hobbies, and one of Donald Trump’s judicial nominees has some…interesting ones. Specifically, one of the nominees to be a federal judge is a ghost hunter and horror novelist. We’re talking about the nomination of 36-year-old Brett Talley for a lifetime judicial position as an Alabama federal judge. As you can imagine, this decision is stirring up some controversy.

For one, Talley has never actually worked as a judge before. The Harvard-educated lawyer has practiced law for three years but not yet served as a judge. That’s probably why the American Bar Association unanimously ruled that Talley was unqualified for the post.

Talley also did not disclose in a conflict of interest report that his wife is a White House lawyer, according to the BBC.

Recently, other Alabama politicians have also been in the public eye. Namely, Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl. false

The unusual nature of Talley’s hobbies has also come into the spotlight after the nomination.

Talley is a member of the Tuscaloosa Paranomal Research Group, an organization that aims to prove the existence of the paranormal and to investigate ghost activity in people’s homes.

In addition to being a ghost hunter, he’s also a horror novelist and a conservative blogger.

Talley has used his experiences in politics as material for his writing in the past. According to the Washington Post, he used a colleague — Caitlin Conant, Communications Director for Sen. Rob Portman (R, Ohio) — as his inspiration for the Antichrist in his 2011 novel, That Which Should Not Be.

Maybe he can investigate current demonic activity in the White House, amirite?