During President Donald Trump’s working visit to the United Kingdom from July 12th to the 15th, the controversial politician was met with protests across the country. One of the most prominent forms of dissent was a 19-foot orange “Trump Baby” balloon that floated over London’s Parliament Square Garden—and it seems that the blimp’s tour is only beginning. Thanks to a new fundraiser, the Trump Baby will soon make an appearance across the pond.

HuffPost reported on July 16th that activist Didier Jiminez-Castro from Hillsborough, New Jersey created a GoFundMe page to bring the balloon to U.S. soil. Jiminez-Castro’s campaign seeks to fly the Trump Baby balloon in Bedminster, which, as HuffPost notes, is the location of the Trump National Golf Course.

The campaign set a goal of $4,500, and as of July 16th, more than $8,000 has been raised. This means that Trump Baby’s world tour is now a reality.

The organizer also told the Courier News that he is working with Jim Girvan, the chair of the Branchburg Democratic Party and the founder of a local anti-Trump group, the People’s Motorcade. Together, the two hope to take the Trump Baby balloon on a tour of the New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut tri-state area, with the aim of not only mocking Trump but also encouraging people to register to vote and get involved in local politics.

It looks like the Trump Baby balloon is here to stay. What are your thoughts?