People Magazine
April 24, 2018 12:00 pm

First Lady Melania Trump had another awkward hand-holding moment with husband Donald Trump on Tuesday as the first couple welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, to the White House for the Trump administration’s first state visit.

In footage captured by MSNBC and later dissected by Twitter users, Trump appears to make a subtle effort to hold his wife’s hand, first extending his pinky finger and then gently giving her hand a little shake before she finally places her hand his.

This isn’t the first time Mrs. Trump has appeared reluctant to hold her husband’s hand. In May, the first lady was caught on camera clearly swatting away her husband’s hand during a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. Then in February, as the first lady and president departed the White House for a trip to Ohio, Trump once again tried but failed to make hand-to-hand contact with his wife.

On Tuesday, Twitter took note of the Trumps’ latest awkward hand-holding moment.

“Look at poor #Melania right hand trying to tell #Trump that he didn’t dig deep enough,” one tweeter joked.

“Poor Melania, she looked like she was holding back tears under her hat as she held Trump’s hand,” said another.

The first lady’s white, wide-brimmed hat was also lighting up Twitter on Tuesday.


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The striking accessory stole the show as Mrs. Trump and French First Lady Brigitte Macron — both in white skirt suits — joined their husbands on the White House South Lawn for a military welcome ceremony. The first lady’s white suit is from the Michael Kors Collection and costs $2,195, according to CNN. The outlet said the hat was also from the Michael Kors Collection hat, but a new pool report says it seems that “Michael Kors is not taking credit for the hat.”

On Twitter, people compared the first lady’s hat look to those worn by Beyoncé in her “Formation” music video, Jude Law in The Young Pope and Kerry Washington in Scandal.

Others noticed that while Brigitte Macron managed to expertly kiss both of her fellow first lady’s cheeks beneath the wide brim, President Trump had trouble making contact and settled on air kisses instead.

Joked one Twitter user: “Melania’s relationship tips: wear a wide-brimmed hat and your husband will never be able to kiss you.”