Brooklyn White
November 28, 2017 4:46 pm
Walter McBride/WireImage/Getty Images

On November 27th, President Trump made yet another one of his world-famous verbal faux pas. In a White House-hosted event aimed to honor Native Americans, Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”  Yes, the president spoke into a microphone and said that in full confidence. Comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah used his special knack for being honest and hilarious to give his outlook on the situation.

He commended the president for utilizing “the right kind of racism” — saying that he could’ve taken an even worse route by mixing up Native Americans and Asian Indians.

Noah also referred to the horrible “hosting” of the incident. Trump chose to speak right in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson. Jackson is notorious for his gross mistreatment of Natives. He signed the Indian Removal Act (even typing that sucks), a law that enabled him to force Native Americans to relocate. This was done so Southern states could do what they wished with the space and wreak even more havoc.

The host remarked that it was like “inviting the American flag over to your house and having a picture of Colin Kaepernick on the wall.”

Noah unknowingly shared sentiments with writer Dana Stevens. Stevens notes the placement, the fact that this comes just days after Thanksgiving, and also in the midst of the Keystone oil spill.

The White House gathering specifically centered around Navajo Code Talkers.

The Navajo Code Talkers were a collective of brave individuals who offered their assistance and used their language to relay crucial messages during World War II.

As of now, Trump’s comments have been met with resistance from Native Americans, politicians, and the general public alike. Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye shared his thoughts via an interview with CNN. He did agree with the interviewer that it is an ethnic slur. Begaye referred to the comment as “unnecessary” and “culturally insensitive.”

Native American veterans put their lives at risk. They do not deserve this. 

Deflection is the name of the game for Trump defenders.

The president’s son commented on the “ironic” nature of a reporter who criticized Trump’s remark. He brought up the fact that ABC is owned by Disney and that the company made millions of dollars from the film Pocahontas. As if a reporter has to agree with a decision their overhead employer made two decades ago. As if Disney’s film adaptation is not a sore spot for Native Americans, and women in general.

This is just the latest instance of Trump exposing his racism through ad hominem attack. So many thanks to Trevor Noah for saying what we were all thinking.