Even as acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community increases across the U.S., in many places, transgender people continue to face discrimination—and to be fundamentally misunderstood. Now, one trans student in Georgia says that when he was nominated for prom king, his school told him he could only run for prom queen. BuzzFeed News reports that Dex Frier, a senior at Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia, was called into a private meeting on March 15th with the principal and a school supervisor.

Frier said that the meeting was “upsetting,” adding that he felt “suppressed.” He told BuzzFeed that during the meeting, he was told that Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield had instructed the school to remove his name from the ballot.

In a statement to Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV, Schofield said the district has not removed any student from the prom court ballot. He also declined to publicly discuss any issue that “has the potential to single out” a student.

Meanwhile, students at Frier’s high school have started a petition to allow Frier back on the prom king ballot. As of the morning of March 22nd, the petition has more than 14,300 signatures, with 15,000 needed in total to meet the students’ goal. false

We stand with Frier and his classmates. Trans students deserve to be accepted for who they are. It’s just that simple.