As our culture becomes more educated and aware of the complexity and spectrum of gender identities, the traditional pink and blue “gender reveal parties” for infants feel old-fashioned at best, reductive and harmful to trans and non-binary individuals at worst. But what if you could have a belated “gender reveal” party when you finally step into the gender you were meant to be? Adrian Brown, 20, recently came out to his mom as transgender, and in #coolmom news: she organized a gender reveal photoshoot to honor her son.

Brown’s mom Heather Lundberg Green knew they needed to celebrate this momentous act of courage, so she organized a cute gender reveal photo shoot that included a fake bump and her adult son swaddled in an “it’s a boy” blanket.

“I wanted everyone to know what’s going on and that this is how we’re handling it. We’re going to celebrate it,” Green added to NBC News.

So far the post has been shared 16,000 times. Now this is a gender reveal we can get behind.