Tracee Ellis Ross
Credit: Gregg DeGuire, Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross celebrated her 47th birthday today by loving herself, and it’s truly something everyone needs to see and appreciate. Ross posted a series of smokin-hot bikini pics on Instagram to celebrate the occasion.

Ross rounded out her birthday post by saying that, while she loves where she’s at in life right now, there’s still the possibility of change in her future.

Ross, who stars in the sitcom Black-ish, is no stranger to the occasional bikini pic and workout post. In a 2017 interview with Health, Ross opened up about her workout routine, saying that she works out three days a week consistently, but sometimes she squeezes in a fourth workout.

Ross said at that time that she’d been both smaller and bigger during her life but that “health and the functionality of” her body were more important to her than what she looked like.

As far as her specific workouts go, Ross said that she works with a trainer to target her butt (which looks great in the Instagram pics she posted today, btw). “Gravity makes it drop and spread, so I try to lift and tighten,” Ross said. Ross also added that squats, deadlifts, and lunges keep her feeling her best. “I love a deadlift. I have 20-pound weights in my meditation room, so sometimes I’ll just do some.”

As far as other healthy habits she prioritizes, Ross mentioned monitoring her food intake, moisturizing, and getting facials and acupuncture. She also said she drinks water and doesn’t drink too much alcohol.

Clearly, all of Ross’s healthy habits are working out for her—which can only mean more “thirst trap” pictures are in her future.

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