In St George, Ontario, the entire town has come together to give a terminally ill little boy one last Christmas. Evan Leversage was diagnosed with brain cancer five years ago, at the age of two, and has been undergoing treatment ever since. Tragically, his family recently learned that the tumor is growing, and they cannot guarantee how much longer Evan will live.

His mom, Nicole Wellwood, decided to ask their family to celebrate Christmas early, in honor of Evan. They agreed to do so this month, but the plan soon stretched far outside their home to include the entire town.

It started when Nicole’s cousin Shelly printed up some flyers asking residents to put up Christmas lights, as well as a Facebook page asking for help in giving Evan an incredible Christmas. But the town decided they could do more than just put up lights. In addition to hundreds of people decking the halls, St George has organized a Christmas parade to be held this weekend, complete with floats and Santa himself.

“I think this gives us all an idea how awesome this parade will be, how supportive St. George and the surrounding community are, but most of all how many amazing people want Evan and his brothers to have a wonderful night,” Shelly told Huffington Post Canada.

The town has also come together to start a GoFundMe page to collect donations for Evan’s mom, a single mother of three. Although originally asking for $1,500 to help with future costs, it took just five days for the total donated to surpass $18,000 from people around the world.

Although brought about by a tragedy, Evan and his family will definitely be getting a very special holiday they deserve. And it’s beautiful to see an entire community come together, both where they live and online, to make it happen.

(Image via GoFundMe/Twitter)