Photo of Tom Holland at "Avengers: Infinity War" Premiere
Credit: Photo by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic via Getty Images

From getting permanently inked in honor of their favorite celebs and spending big bucks to see an A-list artist in concert, there’s a *lot* people will do in the name of fandom. For Tom Holland fan Tori Bernal, that meant recreating the Spider-Man: Homecoming star’s iconic 2017 photoshoot for GQ.And her attention to detail will seriously blow you away.

Bernal, a 19-year-old photographer from Phoenix, talked to Teen Vogue about her inspiration for the shoot and how it all came together. (Hint: She had help.)

If getting Tom Holland’s attention was the goal, Bernal’s well on her way. As of Sunday afternoon, her tweet had received nearly 90,000 likes and 24,000 retweets. There’s no word on whether the Avengers: Infinity War actor has seen Bernal’s impressive work — yet.

Here’s Bernal’s tribute to Tom Holland, in all its identical glory:

The posing, the clothes, the locations, the props, the facial expressions — everything is totally on point in Bernal’s recreation. Like, how did she know *exactly* what kind of Chinese takeout Holland was enjoying? How did she get the necklace to lay just right in the photo where she’s buttoning her shirt? AND HOW ARE THE BLUE PAJAMAS EXACTLY THE SAME?!

Sorry for yelling, we’re just that impressed.

Along with all the retweets, Twitter users have been faithfully tagging Tom Holland to help him notice Bernal’s images.

Rumor has it Holland is dating his Spider-Man costar Zendaya, but we can’t help shipping a Holland-Bernal romance. Don’t they look adorable together?