No matter how famous you get, sometimes there is no escape from the embarrassments of your past. Dorky photos of celebrities when they were awkward preteens are always appreciated, and so are funny outtakes from movies or shows before they got super famous. And now, a huge Hollywood somebody’s past is coming back to bless us all. Yeah, just so you know — Tom Hardy has a long-lost mixtape and that’s not even the best part of this story, oh no. The best part of this story is that Hardy’s rapper name was Tommy No. 1 (!!) according to IndieWire, and the titles of the songs on the mixtape are positively brilliant.

The mixtape, which is called, “Falling On Your Arse In 1999” was released to Bandcamp recently, and it’s seriously something. Now, I’m no musical genius or hip-hop prodigy, so my opinion isn’t exactly 100% correct, but I’m pretty sure that Hardy is actually a top-notch musical artist.

Seriously, the tracklist for his mixtape is on a whole new level. There are jams called “Rusty Sherrif’s Badge,” and “People Like To Boogie,” as well as “Across The Gulf Of Space.” But the real winner on the track list would have to be track #16, otherwise known as “Rotton Cocksuckers Ball.” And yes, you read that correctly. Before Hardy was playing Oscar-nominated roles in Oscar-nominated films, he was just a twenty-something trying to perfect his craft. false

Of course, Hardy didn’t work on the mixtape alone, and the other person credited on the mixtape, Eddie Too Tall a.k.a. Ed Tracy, spoke to HuffPost about why the tape was released after all these years. “Tom asked me about whether I still had the album kicking about in the lof,” Tracy explained. “Lo and behold, here it is in all its rawness, just as it sounded then.”

And the internet is also pretty impressed with how well Hardy can rap. false false false

So go ahead and give “Falling On Your Arse In 1999” a listen, you might be surprised by how good it is.