Kendall Ashley
January 31, 2018 12:17 pm

There’s a lot of horrible stuff happening in the world right now, so let’s take a break from all of that and pay attention to the hilarious and wonderful tattoo that Tom Hardy got after losing a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio. The two starred in The Revenant together, and the film was a pretty heavy one. And when chatter began to circulate about awards potential for their performances, Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio struck a bet with one another.

DiCaprio was apparently confident that Hardy would be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 2015-2016 awards season. Hardy, for his part, was sure that he would not receive a nomination. While it’s unknown what DiCaprio would have had to do if Hardy was right (and we’re so glad Hardy wasn’t right), we do know that Hardy agreed to get a “LEO KNOWS ALL” tattoo if he was, indeed, nominated.

By now, we all know that Tom Hardy received his first Oscar nomination for his performance as John Fitzgerald, just as DiCaprio predicted.

Ultimately, Hardy didn’t take home the Oscar (although, interestingly enough, DiCaprio was also nominated and won that year for his performance as Hugh Glass in The Revenant), but the nomination is still a huge honor for any actor. We imagine it’s even more of a wonderful surprise if you’re so certain  you won’t be nominated that you agree to get a tattoo if you’re wrong.

Of course, Hardy is most certainly a man of his word, and he got the tattoo after his nomination.

Though we don’t know exactly when he got inked, a picture has surfaced online that shows the tattoo on Tom Hardy’s right bicep. As anyone with tattoos knows, you’re frequently asked to share the meaning behind your ink. And Hardy definitely has one of the coolest tattoo stories out there.