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Claire Harmeyer
Sep 23, 2020 @ 10:46 am
Warner Bros. Ent., Courtesy Everett Collection

It turns out that the real Lucius Malfoy, aka Jason Isaacs, is a lot nicer than the bleach blonde Death Eater. On September 22nd, Isaacs made every Harry Potter fan aww when he posted a birthday tribute to his onscreen son (and fellow blindingly blonde follower of the Dark Lord), Tom Felton.

This was't your generic "hbd" post—no, Isaacs wrote a wonderfully weird message for Felton, jam-packed with more personality than we saw from Lucious Malfoy throughout all eight Harry Potter films combined.

"Holy hairy heroes son - you’re Jesus’s age today!" Isaacs wrote. Is that an English phrase, or an inside joke? TBD. Isaacs continued, "In these strangest of dark days you’re always a ray of light to me. Thanks for making mischief, music and magic for this fan (and all the others too). Happiest of Birthday Bonanzas"

Isaacs concluded the message by writing, "Love ya kid Fake Dad x".

Can we just say, both Malfoy men look much less evil with their natural hair color—and they're much more smiley than their Slytherin counterparts. Felton kept his reply short and sweet, yet far more lovey-dovey than Draco Malfoy would have ever been toward his father. Felton wrote, "Love you dad x", ditching the "fake" label Isaacs used.

We have heart eyes for this fictional father-son duo, and can only imagine that the love they are sharing is real. After all, Isaacs did watch Felton grow up over eight years on the Harry Potter set.

Finally, we cannot ignore Isaacs iconic profile picture on Twitter. Yes, that is the Death Eater and former evil master of beloved house elf Dobby kissing Dobby himself. It seems the IRL Lucious Malfoy is just a pile of love for all those he wronged during the Harry Potter series. Here's a closer look at the photo:

@jasonsfolly, Twitter

We will leave you with this confusing yet iconic image.