Olivia Harvey
Updated February 05, 2018 1:27 pm

The New England Patriots may have lost the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles last night, February 4th. But, Pats quarterback Tom Brady won the internet with his pregame outfit. He looked less like a football player and more like an international supermodel with a side hustle as a James Bond villain — and we’re not the only ones who think so.

In fact, our entire Twitter feed was clogged with Tom Brady Super Bowl outfit memes this morning. But we’re not complaining. Even sad Pats fans can agree that their MVP looked like he was unsuccessfully trying to go undercover as a respected celebrity hairstylist/grown-up version of Baby from Baby Driver.

As many will recall, Brady fell victim to the internet after last year’s AFC championship game when he donned what was possibly the largest coat of all time. The thing was so large it looked like it may have been housing a small nation. Basically, Brady is no stranger to the world playfully teasing him about his wardrobe at this point.

And we sincerely hope Brady finds the humor in the below memes — because they’re pretty dang funny.


And who knows. Maybe Brady is getting ready to make a new career move. Master-of-disguise, perhaps?

Even though we laugh, remember that we still love you, Tom. You’ll always have a place in the hearts of Pats Nation, no matter how many memes the world makes about your ensembles. You do you, sir.