The Queer Eye reboot on Netflix opened our eyes to Tom Jackson, a Santa Claus doppelganger with a penchant for Mountain Dew margaritas and the catch-phrase “You can’t fix ugly,” which couldn’t be further from the truth, because Jackson was one of the loveliest men to ever grace a television screen. Best known as “Tom from Queer Eye,” his episode focused on his attempts to woo his ex-wife Abby Parr. By the end of the episode, Jackson and Parr had rekindled their love, and shortly after the episode aired they announced they were engaged. Finally, on May 9th, 2018, the couple announced that they had re-married!

Jackson and Parr eloped in a private ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Jackson told Us Weekly that it was just the two of them and a minister. The dissolution of their marriage (the first time around) was what prompted Jackson to enlist the men of Queer Eye, though Parr says that she never stopped loving him.

Fun fact: the shirt that Jackson is wearing under his tuxedo is one that Tan France gave him on the show. Awww.

We’re sad that the actual guys from Queer Eye weren’t there to witness their protégé get married, though it sounds like Jackson tried to contact Netflix about a “wedding special.” Shoutout to Jackson for not missing an opportunity to #spon.

These wedding photos fill us with the purest of joy. Congrats you two, and thank you to Queer Eye for helping lead Jackson back to his one true love.