Madison Vanderberg
March 19, 2019 6:47 am

We live in an era of true crime: We’ve got true crime docuseries, true crime podcasts, true crime television series based on true crime documentaries, and the list goes on. And despite the constant stream of content about unsolved murders, we haven’t yet reached true crime fatigue. The new true crime podcast that everyone seems to be buzzing about is To Live and Die in LA, which according to a press release, is a “deep dive into the mysterious disappearance of 25-year-old Adea Shabani, an aspiring actress and model who vanished without a trace from her apartment complex near Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame.”

One of the more shocking elements about this story is that the victim at its center only disappeared last year, and the investigation into her disappearance is still active. The podcast is hosted by Rolling Stone editor and infamous author of The Game Neil Strauss, who said Shabani’s family and private investigator contacted him just days after she went missing in hopes that he would write an article about her to help bolster the investigation. As Strauss started to research the story, he and the investigator closed in on one man they believe to be the main suspect. Strauss knew that a single article would not do the story justice, so a podcast was born. And its trailer gives us serious chills.