Natasha Reda
Updated April 11, 2019

We’re always looking for ways to save money—but not at the expense of other people. And Twitter is decidedly not happy with a viral video that offers a simple money-saving “tipping trick” that basically just amounts to tipping less. In the recently re-surfaced clip, CNBC claims this life hack “could save you over $400 a year.” Cool, except it encourages good tippers (those who generally tip 20%) to give their servers less money based on a technicality.

CNBC reporter Zack Guzman calls tipping a “seemingly insignificant decision that can add up over time,” which “could save you over $400 without looking cheap.” He said that instead of moving the decimal point and then doubling the bill (which gives you roughly 20%), he advises doubling the tax amount, which gets you to around 16-18%.

CNBC spoke to some people on the street about the “trick,” prompting one woman to say,

Check out the video below:

And many on Twitter were not pleased.


Maybe a better way to save money is to cook at home or skip out on dessert, and not encouraging people to tip less. Thoughts?