Kathryn Lindsay
June 15, 2016 2:07 pm

If you go on Tinder, you’re probably looking for love. What you’re not looking for is a kidney donor, but Alana Duran found just that when she matched with her girlfriend, Lori Interlicchio, on the dating app. According to GoodNewsNetwork.org, Alana, who was diagnosed with lupus at age 12, has been on the waiting list for a new kidney for four years, and the chances of matching with someone outside her family are one in 100,000. That’s why it’s so incredible that Lori is compatible.

After Lori found out that she was a match, she decided to make a Tinder-themed announcement video to honor how they first met. While the first four minutes of the video show Alana rummaging through the many everyday gifts Lori had put on top of the reveal, once Alana got to the bottom, she was speechless.

GoodNewsNetwork.org reports that Lori had mocked up the same match screen Tinder users see when they both swipe right on each other, but instead Photoshopped it to say “It’s a Match! You and Lori have no antibodies against each other.”

Then, Alana had to option to “Accept Kidney” or “Stay on Waitinglist.” You can probably guess what she chose.

“Do you like it?” Lori asks.

“I love it,” Alana replied, before the two hug and officially make this the sweetest story we’ve ever heard.

In the comments of the video, Lori reports that the kidney donation procedure went well, and they’re both doing fine. Hearts=warmed.

Watch the full video below, starting at around 3:30 for the good stuff!