Tina Fey is coming back to where she belongs: Studio 8H. The 43rd season finale of Saturday Night Live looks like it’s going to be one for the books as the 30 Rock star is taking center stage. The first teaser for her episode is here, and in it she takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about her early SNL days which ultimately launched her career and catapulted her to fame.

In what is sure to be one of the most creative SNL promos we’ve ever laid our eyes on, Fey takes us on an animated stroll through her illustrious career. The comedian takes us back to 1997, when she hopped on a plane in Chicago and flew all the way to The City That Never Sleeps, where she eventually turned into a person that, well, never sleeps.

“I first got hired at SNL as a writer, then head writer,” she narrates. “I had successfully mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. Then, I got to be a cast member!”

She moves on to recalling her string of work post-SNL (think 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), referring to it as “other stuff,” before giving a nod to her stint as a playwright on the Mean Girls musical which, by the way, garnered a cool 12 Tony award nominations. Now that’s a career trajectory other people can only dream about!

The promo cuts back to the human Tina Fey doing what she knows best — dominating the Saturday Night Live stage. She says it looks the same as it did in the ’90s, making her feel right at home.

Watch the full promo below:

This marks Fey’s sixth time hosting the show, and this time around, she will be accompanied by musical guest Nicki Minaj.

The Saturday Night Live season 43 finale airs this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on NBC, but you already knew that. Get excited!