Anna Sheffer
April 29, 2019 11:35 am
Flora Borsi /

How awesome would it be to hang with Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, or watch Ella Fitzgerald perform live? Well, thanks to some editing magic, Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi has cracked the time travel code—or at least made it look like she has.

For her latest photo series, “Selfie,” the 25-year-old artist photoshopped pictures of historical figures to make it look like they were posing for selfies with her. On her Behance page, Borsi explains that she began the process by researching the fashion of each corresponding time period. Then, she posed for pictures that had similar qualities to the snapshots of her subjects. In an email to HelloGiggles, Borsi said that it took her two to three days to finish each photo, and that it was difficult to get a perfected finished product even with 15 years of experience.

Her “time-traveling” selfies include people from Mahatma Gandhi to Marilyn Monroe.

Borsi also wrote that she wants to create a write-in competition, and she’ll photoshop the winner next to their personal idol. Time travel may not be possible (yet), but Borsi’s pictures feel pretty darn close.