Karen Fratti
Updated Oct 01, 2017 @ 11:30 am
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Good thing to remember the next time you have a job interview you’re nervous about: Employers are just as desperate to hire someone as you are for a job. Just check out Time Out New York‘s super honest job posting. It’s actually kind of sad. Apparently, Time Out New York needs a full-time photo editor because one woman, Melissa Sinclair, has been holding it down alone for far too long.

From the job listing:

It literally sounds awful. The listing continues, “Because she can’t find people for these freelance positions, she’s been forced to do all of this work herself, and is currently completely swamped and overwhelmed, the design team has had to chip in to help her, which is not ideal, but has been required to get the magazines out the door on time.” false

The person writing the “rationale” added that right now, the company is spending about $48,000 a year on freelancers who aren’t very good anyway, so the goal is to find a new, full-time photo editor at that salary range.

If anything, for Melissa’s sake.

The listing continues, “Tom would like to address this asap, especially as we have a really busy magazine schedule coming up in October, and our current setup is not a long-term solution, I’m concerned about Melissa getting burnt out and potentially wanting to leave. ”

Don’t go, Melissa! They’re trying to help you!

People on Twitter were loving it, but also a bit concerned for Time Out‘s well-being.


We’re guessing that a high-level editor sent all of that info in an email to the HR department, and the job poster assumed that it was relevant information for to include in the job posting. Whatever the case, we’re loving the detail.

Let’s just hope they find some help for Melissa. And also that they pay more than $45,000 a year.