Wait—how did we not notice the similarities before?

Olivia Harvey
Dec 03, 2020 @ 1:41 pm
hannah montana dolly parton
Credit: Bob D'Amico / Contributor, Shirlaine Forrest / Contributor, Getty Images

True Hannah Montana fans know that Hannah Montana and Dolly Parton are connected at the heart—both in the show and in real life, Parton is Miley Cyrus's godmother. But according to TikTok, the link between the plot of Hannah Montana and Dolly Parton's real life may be bigger than we originally thought. One TikTok user thinks Parton is the "real" Hannah Montana, and the evidence doesn't lie.

User @ceoofhotmoms published their "Dolly Montana" theory, as we're calling it, on TikTok on November 30th, saying "Dolly Parton did an interview where she states all of her big blonde hairdos are just wigs, and she wears blonde wigs so when she goes out in public with her natural hair nobody will recognize her." It's true. Parton has said this.

"This means that the show Hannah Montana was actually based on Dolly Parton's real life," @ceoofhotmoms continues. "Dolly Parton wears a blonde wig, performs on stage, takes the wig off, and lives a normal life in public, just like Miley Stewart did in Hannah Montana."

And this theory holds water according to a resident of Parton's hometown, Sevierville, Tennessee. "[It's] well known around here that if you see her you won't know its her until you make her laugh," a TikTok user from Sevierville commented on the theory video. "Just an fyi." Another Sevierville resident confirmed in the comments, "I've run into her multiple times not knowing it was her lmao."

So, is Hannah Montana based on a true story? Billy Ray? Care to comment?

Listen, the idea for Hannah Montana had to come from somewhere, right? Would it be so hard to imagine that creators were inspired by Parton, who just so happened to be the godmother of star Miley Cyrus, when they were writing the Disney show? In our opinion, not really.

Having been living the best of both worlds for her entire career, Parton definitely could have given Hannah Montana a few tips on how to stay incognito. Then again...maybe she did.