We’re not sure which adult on the prom committee signed off on this one. Christopher Columbus High School, an all-boy’s private school Miami, is currently facing backlash after they rented an actual tiger for their prom. Yes, you read that right. The prom had a “jungle” theme, and the tiger, which remained caged throughout the night, was used as a prop.

Videos showed the tiger anxiously pacing back and forth in a small cage, and he was also rolled onto the dance floor while loud music played. Mari-Cris Castellanos, the sister of one of the boys who attends the school, posted about the incident on Facebook on May 12th.

She made so many excellent points about why this was an all-around terrible idea.

Castellanos also shared photos and videos from the evening so that those not in attendance could see what went down, and tagged a number of news outlets to make sure Christopher Columbus High School knew that their decision was being heavily protested. According to ABC News, the tiger wasn’t the only wild animal there— a fennec fox, a lemur, and a few exotic birds were also on display.

Principal David Pugh released a statement saying that he apologizes for any outrage…but the below apology leaves much to be desired.

He concluded the statement with, “we all have learned a great deal from this experience.”