On Saturday, March 24th, millions of people around the world joined the March For Our Lives protests. The rallies came on the heels of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The massacre took 17 lives from the world, and people are fed up with the gun laws in our country. After the shooting, students and survivors quickly pushed back to challenge policies and lawmakers. They made it clear that this would be the school shooting that changes everything. In America, we are entirely too used to mass shootings. People have had #Enough.

Plenty of celebrities and politicians showed their support during Saturday’s March For Our Lives protests. We saw some of our favorite celebs march and fight for better gun control. The cast of Parks and Rec posed for a pic together. People who have lost family members to gun violence — like singer Jennifer Hudson — attended the march. And Ariana Grande sang a beautiful song, especially poignant due to the fact that 22 people were killed at her concert in Manchester last year.

But some celebrities were more quietly outspoken about the March For Our Lives. And that includes Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter. How did she show her support? Tiffany liked a particularly telling Instagram pic from the march.

We see you, Tiffany Trump. And we’re here for it.

President Trump doesn’t really seem to care about changing our gun laws. He is typically too busy golfing and vacationing to make a clear statement promising change. But his daughter Tiffany doesn’t necessarily have the same views.

Donald’s youngest daughter liked a picture of a protestor holding a very bold sign. Twitter user Ashley Feinberg noticed her like and posted a screenshot on Twitter. And yes, it’s real. The sign in the pic reads, “Next Massacre Will Be the GOP in the Midterm Elections.” You know, her father’s political party.

Is Tiffany just as sick of seeing her dad in office as we are?

Could be. She liked the picture from her verified account. And people are downright delighted.

The “….welcome to the resistance” joke is in full force right now.


And some people are just assuming what they’ve always believed to be true is now valid.

Regardless of how Tiffany Trump actually feels about her father in office, we’ve had enough of his silence on the matter. It’s time to take action.