P. Claire Dodson
Updated Mar 11, 2018 @ 10:01 am
Picture of Tiffany Haddish That's So Raven
Credit: Dan MacMedan / Getty Images

You never know where people will end up. That’s the lesson we learned recently when an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed that Tiffany Haddish, one of our favorite comedians, made a cameo in an old episode of That’s So Raven.

If you’re unfamiliar with Haddish’s work, she had a breakout hit in last year’s comedy Girls Trip. Since then, she’s hosted Saturday Night Live, delivered a funny monologue with Maya Rudolph at the 2018 Oscars, and in general been one of the most fun actresses to watch. But early on in her career, Haddish appeared in smaller roles, hence the That’s So Raven cameo. We can’t believe we’re only JUST now realizing she was on the show.

Haddish’s moment on the beloved Disney Channel show was in a 2005 episode called “When In Dome.” In it, she plays a tour guide at a biodome who shows Raven and Chelsea a scary carnivorous plant. And when her shift is over, she is all the way out of there. That, of course, leads to mayhem, as the plant eventually attacks Raven.

Maybe we should have known then, from that brief scene, that we would see Haddish again. Even though it took a few years, we’re so glad we get to see as much of her as we do right now.

Here’s the clip of Haddish on That’s So Raven in 2005.


Because everything old is new again, a That’s So Raven reboot is currently airing on Disney Channel.

The new show, Raven’s Home, features Raven and Chelsea back at their usual antics — but this time, with children! Is there room for another school trip to the biodome? We would love to see Haddish reprise that iconic role.