Everyone in Hollywood has to start somewhere, but we’re always delightfully surprised to learn that one of our faves was actually on our radar for years and we didn’t realize it. Back in 2005, iconic comic actress and stand-up, Tiffany Haddish was on a little car makeover show on MTV called Pimp My Ride. It was one of those MTV shows like True Life that was always on and basically lingered in the background of your entire life during the mid-aughts. Haddish wasn’t a contestant, per se, but appeared on the show as the friend of a contestant and was on hand to dole out quippy one-liners.

In the clip, Haddish says she ran into her friend’s car because she was looking at the “fine guy across the street.” The accident trashed her friend’s car which is what brought her to Pimp My Ride.

The best thing about this entire clip is that Haddish was sooo herself even 13 years ago. She could have said that exact line in Girls Trip and we would have believed it.

Shoutout to this Twitter user who was watching Pimp My Ride (yes, reader, in 2018), and captured the now-historic Haddish cameo. false reported that this episode aired on July 31, 2005, and in 2016 Haddish tweeted at a fan that she was still friends with Rashae, the friend whose car she smashed.

Here’s the thing, while we’re over here acting surprised by Haddish’s appearance in this nostalgic MTV series, it just shows how long Haddish has been paving her way in Hollywood. Haddish recently announced that she’s hosting the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards and in the promo video she alluded to her hustle.

Add iconic MTV reality shows to that list and this is the resume of a woman who has done it all.