Tiffany Haddish is so damn lovable because she is REAL and understands that saving money is amazing. She’s worn the same white dress to public events four times (and counting). She loves Groupon. Oh, and she’ll gladly rock a knockoff designer purse. Besides partying with Beyoncé, Haddish is truly one of us.

Seriously, Tiffany is like a BFF and mirror reflection of ourselves in one.

We love that Jada, queen of luxury, told her to get rid of her knockoff bag, and yet Haddish remained true to her philosophy. For Haddish, it’s more than just rocking a faux handbag: she has a super healthy attitude toward money.

Credit: Anna Donovan/FilmMagic

“When you’re somebody like me, who’s been homeless, clothes are not that important,” she continued. “Clothes are not a roof over my head, food in my ­stomach, my family’s health — that’s what money is for.”

What did we ever do to deserve this frugal and relatable queen?