On Oscar night, Tiffany Haddish told Kelly Rippa that she and Brad Pitt (!) have a hookup pact. Apparently, the two stars ran into each other at the 2018 Oscars and came to the mutual decision to hook up with each other if they are both single next year. Okay, so THAT happened.

Sadly, that was just a hazy post-Oscars fever dream, because Haddish clarified on Twitter today that she was only joking. On March 7th, she tweeted:

As much as we love the idea of this pairing, Haddish is absolutely right. Not that a man (or woman) with kids is anything to run from, but Haddish should be “the number one in a man’s life,” if that’s what she wants.

Despite this new intel, here’s how the original “hookup pact” came to be.

Whoever Haddish dates or makes hookup pacts with, all we ask is that she please wear that glorious white Alexander McQueen dress to their first date? The public thanks you in advance.