Karen Fratti
March 12, 2017 11:14 am
Bloomberg/Getty Images

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most timeless and iconic American brands, but that doesn’t mean it never tries to update its look. To celebrate the Whitney Biennial, a huge art show that opens this week in New York City at the Whitney Museum, Tiffany’s commissioned contemporary artists to designs its new 5th Ave. window displays, and the results are absolutely stunning.

The window displays at Tiffany’s flagship store in Manhattan are usually epic, but they always get more attention around the holiday season. This collaboration with artists showing at the Biennial, though, is proof that Tiffany magic can happen at any time of year.

Reed Krakoff, the new artistic director for Tiffany & Co., decided that highlighting the work of a small group of new artists was the perfect way to celebrate the brand’s past and future, since Tiffany has a long history of collaborating with emerging artists for special, exclusive collections.

Krakoff told Women’s Wear Daily that working with artists has always “been a genuine part of the brand philosophy.”

He added, “The idea of supporting artists who were not already established is something we felt strongly about, as a way of bringing attention to artists other than the usual artists that are promoted at these kinds of events. To shine a light on the next generation of artists.”

Here’s one piece in progress.

And here it is on display.

Biennial curators Christopher Y. Lew and Mia Locks asked artists Raúl de Nieves, Ajay Kurian, Shara Hughes, Carrie Moyer, and Harold Mendez to work with Tiffany craftsmen to create the displays. Nieves, for example, submitted a drawing that was then etched into sterling silver.

In progress:

On display:

There is also an etched silver pendant necklace and painted pitcher on display in the window, by other artists.

de Nieves, who is the artist behind the etched silver illustration, said that it was an experience he’ll always remember. He told WWD, “It was all about trusting everyone — myself, and them trusting me. With a place like this, you have ideas and you talk about them, and that’s the initial way of creating.”

If you’re close to New York City, the windows are worth checking out IRL. If not, you can always Instagram stalk the old fashioned way.