Jill Layton
September 23, 2016 12:17 pm
Sara Nović / twitter.com

When the middle seat between you and stranger on a flight is left open, the natural response is to rejoice (even if only in your head) — because extra space! But what’s the protocol when the stranger in the other seat places a creepy doll next you as if she were a real human person?

The protocol is to live-tweet the entire experience, because WTF?

Mashable has brought our attention to Sara Nović, who was minding her own business, getting situated on her flight, when a man sat down next to her and placed his doll in the seat between them. And for the duration of the flight, she sat next to a doll.

So she live tweeted the whole thing, and it’s hilarious and moderately terrifying.

But all was fair because the man PAID FOR A TICKET for the doll. That’s at least $150, you guys.

Which naturally caused some issues with the flight attendants, because dolls aren’t humans.

Nović later found out that the man and his doll were on their way to check out some museums.

At this point, she had a slew of people following her tweets (because HELLO this was actually happening IRL).

And many of those people asked for a picture, to which Nović delivered.

After a two-hour layover, the DOLL WAS BACK (and sitting on a booster seat?).

And FYI, the doll has a name.

Clearly Nović wasn’t the only one freaked out by the creepy situation.

But there’s a plus side to all of this.

Nović’s closing remarks wrapped up the eventful flights nicely.