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Natural disasters can be terrifying. And now, three massive tornadoes have hit Texas this weekend, and the videos are really scary. While you may have been lucky enough to live far away from the damage, citizens of Canton, Texas were not so blessed. At least five people have died due to the intense storms. And countless homes have been destroyed as well.

As with any breaking news, Twitter was compiling videos from Canton.

As can be seen, the first-person accounts and clips are extremely nerve-wracking.

Most of them are from drivers who were in the path of the vortex.

News sources all over Texas started reporting on the damage that was being caused by a “devastating wedge tornado.” Warnings about the intense storms were issued in the South and Midwest on Saturday. In addition, they included warnings of flash floods.

Right now a lot of the power lines have been knocked down by the massive tornadoes, leaving people scrambling. Obviously, a lot of the houses have been totally wrecked as well, but the full scope of the damage is unclear at this time.

According to an interview with ABC News, Desirae Rasmussen’s house was severely knocked around by the tornado.

In case you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation such as Desirae did, it is important to keep calm and position yourself somewhere safe.

If you have a basement below ground, go there. Regardless of how safe you think you are.

It’s always better to stay safe than be sorry.

And if you find yourself trapped under debris, use whatever is around you as leverage to get yourself free and to safety. Our thoughts go out to all the people affected by these tornadoes.