Athletics - Olympics: Day 12
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Last night at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the Women’s 100-meter Hurdles final was a very red, white and blue affair. Three American women had qualified for the finals: Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin. The pressure of the entire country was upon them, because Team USA had not yet won a Gold Medal in a running event.

But these three ladies brought it, and they swept the medals for Team USA.

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After a beautiful race, Brianna Rollins took home the Gold, Nia Ali got Silver, and Kristi Castlin made an amazing lean to nab the Bronze.

From the beginning, Brianna Rollins was favored to win.


Brianna had the fastest time coming into the finals, but the hurdles are difficult, because accidentally running into a hurdle can really slow you down. But Brianna came out with amazing form and took the lead from the start.

Nia Ali surged at the end to take her place in the Silver Medal spot.

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Nia’s surge gave her some space, so she was clearly safely in second. After her big win, she celebrated with her young son in a post too adorbs for words.

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And then Kristi Castlin made a perfect lean to snag Bronze by a few hundredths.

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Kristi out-leaned Great Britain’s Cindy Ofili, and she made the Team USA sweep official.

These badass ladies were literally jumping for joy after their victory.

Athletics - Olympics: Day 12
Credit: Cameron Spencer / Getty

Although, frankly we’re surprised that they have any strength left in their legs for jumping.