A gay parade participant is waving the rainbow flag, which has become a strong symbol for the worldwide LGBT community. Denmark 2013.
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We really hate to bring you bad news, but you should know: Last weekend, tens of thousands of people protested marriage equality in Paris. Because, yes, it’s 2016, but yes, homophobia is alive and well. And while we would have imagined Paris to be so much more open-minded, it’s a necessary reminder that, unfortunately, no place is perfect. And that the fight for marriage equality is still far from over.

Recently, the group “Demo for All” led nearly 24,000 people to oppose marriage equality in Paris.

According to NBC News, Paris legalized same-sex marriage, known as “Marriage for All,” three years ago. These protesters wanted to encourage this step in the right direction to actually move backwards.

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One protester explained,

Credit: Photo by Mustafa Sevgi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Credit: Photo by Mustafa Sevgi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Like, thank goodness. Because this is serious nonsense. Why move backwards under the guise of marriage equality when you could, you know, become a more inclusive society? Ugh, we just don’t get it. On the bright side, according to NBC News, the organizers of the protest anticipated 200k participants, so at least it’s proof that not all of Paris is as homophobic as these guys.