Sydney Bucksbaum
Updated Mar 06, 2018 @ 3:39 pm
Thor: Ragnarok
Credit: Marvel

Is there anything better than when a Marvel movie comes out and it’s as amazing and hilarious as Thor: Ragnarok? Only one thing could top the joy that movie gave us all, and that’s when it gets the Honest Trailers treatment. The Thor: Ragnarok Honest Trailer just hit the web today, and it’s as glorious as Taika Waititi’s wild, zany comedy. But it also asks the tough question that we never even considered before: is Thor actually the adopted sibling?

We all know that (*spoiler alert from the very first Thor movie*) Thor’s evil brother Loki was adopted, but maybe there’s a darker family secret that’s yet to be uncovered. The Honest Trailer makes a pretty good point that if you line up photos of Loki, Hela and a young Anthony Hopkins, the family resemblance is downright uncanny.

Thor is the odd man out here with his long, flowing blonde locks and square jaw compared to the jet black hair, pale coloring and pointy chins of the rest of the Odin clan. This is the Marvel mystery we never knew existed, and it’s all we’re going to be able to think about for a very long time.

The trailer also raises another very important question: if Thor is the God of Thunder and can shoot giant blasts of lightning from his hands, why does he spend half the movie getting electrocuted? Shouldn’t his inherent electricity running throughout his body make him immune to any kind of electroshock device or weapon? Why was Valkyrie able to knock out Thor any time she wanted with a press of a button? We need answers, stat! But that montage of Thor getting electrocuted over and over is worth a teeny tiny plot hole, though. Chris Hemsworth definitely deserves an Oscar for those facial expressions and noises. What a true actor!

But we are so here for how every moment in the movie was “tagged by jokes,” as the Honest Trailer so delicately puts it. This *is* “a movie where an orgy spaceship shoots fireworks over the rainbow bridge where Hulk fights a zombie wolf,” so you just got to give in to the laughs, people. Embrace that weirdo!