Karen Fratti
December 07, 2017 8:13 am
Charli Stevens / www.facebook.com

Let’s make one thing clear: It’s never okay to give someone — anyone — unsolicited advice about their body. And this woman getting body-shamed at the grocery store shows just how hurtful it can be. According to Teen Vogue, Charli Stevens was minding her own business at her local grocery store, when she noticed a woman staring at her.

The woman then apparently approached Stevens to make a direct comment about her weight and wardrobe. In a candid Facebook post, Stevens wrote,

Stevens said she totally froze. “Usually I’m so quick to lash out at rude people and I’m never shy when it comes down to speaking my mind. But I froze. Froze and cried. She said ‘I’m not trying to be mean but maybe just reconsider your outfit before leaving your house from now on.’ She walked away and I just stood there.”

Stevens added that she had her five-month-old son with her and was “SO thankful” that her four-year-old wasn’t there to witness this complete stranger being so cruel.

We are so sorry that this happened to Stevens, but we are so glad she’s using the experience to shine light on this issue: Body shaming is not okay. Telling someone what you think about their body or wardrobe when they didn’t ask in the first place is not okay. And perhaps, most importantly, you can — and should — always choose kindness. Our words have power, and we must use them with caution.

Thank you for the reminder, Charli. Your post literally has us cheering at our desks.