Trilby Beresford
Updated Jan 31, 2017 @ 11:55 am
Credit: Ashley Gawe /

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Like, we don’t know, the recent viral news that a snake got caught in a woman’s ear gauge! Her pet snake! Yup, we’ll be back in a minute after we’ve finished screaming.

Ashley Glawe is a parent to a Ball Python snake named Bart, and he recently crawled through her earlobe while she was holding him. And because he then got stuck, they both ended up in the hospital where doctors had to numb her ear and then stretch it out to extract Bart. Ummmmmm.

Can you imagine driving to the emergency room with a snake stuck in your ear? Pretty badass.

Luckily, it seems like Glawe didn’t freak out about the situation; she simply went to seek medical help — like you know, the way you would with a skinned knee or sprained ankle. Good on you, girl.

And for reference, this is the earring hole that Bart crawled through.

The good news is that both human and snake are doing fine after being professionally separated from each other, and they are still co-habitating despite this little hiccup in their relationship.

via giphyWe often hear stories about snakes doing scary things like popping up from under the hood of a car or hiding in someone’s toilet, but we genuinely believe that Bart didn’t mean any harm to his owner. He was just being playful! Or, something.

But yeah, it’s kinda freaky. Hopefully Bart got enough excitement in his day to never try this again!