President Obama Delivers Speech At Gran Teatro In Havana
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As if we needed another election-related eye-roll, yet another messed up thing has gone down. At a University of Wisconsin football game against the University of Nebraska, two students dressed up as Obama in a noose. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, the racist display of Obama in a noose resulted in three bias reports being filed. But, in the end, the Wisconsin students and their racist Obama costume were allowed to stay.

This racist costume lynching Obama is literally SO horrifying.

The tweet explains,

At first, it looked like they were asked to leave. But didn’t exactly do so full of remorse.

The tweet reads,

But, as is definitely the norm (UGH) their blatantly racist Obama costume was considered ~free speech~ and they were allowed to stay.

The school responded to tweets urging them to do something to stop the display of the racist Obama costume.

And a statement made by Chancellor Rebecca Blank is less than satisfying considering the deep roots of lynching in the U.S. In the statement, Blank explained,

Blank continued,

UGH. None of this is okay. Clearly we have a long way to go until we understand the difference between free speech and hate speech.