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Rachel Charlene Lewis
October 05, 2016 6:55 pm

We’ve all heard good and bad about Donald Trump. People have mixed feelings, to put it extremely lightly, especially considering that he’s said Hillary Clinton doesn’t “look” presidential, called a pre-teen Paris Hilton hot (and said he’d date his own daughter if, you know, he wasn’t her dad), and said that Mexicans are rapists. This has caused a whole lotta tension this election season, and other politicians aren’t freed from the mess surrounding Trump’s less-socially acceptable statements.

So, according to Business Insider, when this Republican senator was asked if she’d “tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump,” she appeared to be avoiding any real answer.

Upon being asked this question during a debate, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said,

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The moderator repeated the question, saying,

Finally, she gave in, saying,

She clarified her statement following the debate on Twitter.

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