Karen Belz
January 16, 2018 10:56 am

You know what’s bad? Your car getting stolen. You know what’s worse? Your car getting stolen with your beloved dog still inside.

Daniel Ashimine of California parked his car and temporarily left his dog, Holly, in the back. When he got back, both his car and Holly were missing. Ashimine told CBS2 News that he and his wife drove around for days trying to locate the dog, but had no luck. “The last couple of nights I didn’t get any rest,” he admitted. “I don’t care about my car, I really love my dog!” We understand completely.

Luckily, Ashimine got a lead. Police from Torrance gave him a call to say that an anonymous tipster spotted a suspect trying to park his (badly damage) vehicle in the area. The suspect eventually revealed that Holly had been dropped Holly off at a local homeless encampment, where she was eventually found.

While we wish this had never happened to Ashimine (or Holly) in the first place, we’re so glad everything turned out okay. Now excuse us while we all go give our pets a little squeeze.