Sydney Bucksbaum
March 15, 2018 12:17 pm

Listen, we’ve only just barely stopped crying fat crocodile tears from the This Is Us Season 2 finale. Watching Kate and Toby get married was so sweet, but the biggest cathartic moment was watching the entire Pearson clan, led by Kevin, let go of a giant breath they had been holding in for 20 years — ever since Jack Pearson died.

They all seemed to reach a kind of closure in losing the Pearson family patriarch that we had never seen before on NBC’s tearjerker drama. And then This Is Us pulled the carpet out from underneath us with the flash-forward to a year in the future, and then another 20 years, giving us so many new mysteries and theories and cliffhangers (who is “her?!”) to hang onto while we wait for Season 3.

But a new theory just popped up on the internet that is tearing open our already mangled hearts once more, and honestly, it might just be too good to be true. One writer at Refinery29 wonders if Jack is actually still alive, and this is all just happening in his head?!

See what we meant by too good to be true? Can you just imagine if Jack never actually died in the fire, but passed out from all the smoke. What we’ve been seeing on This Is Us could just be his life flashing before his eyes, and his imagination playing out what could happen to his family if he died that night? Since everything on This Is Us is centrally tied to Jack and the show seems to be telling his story the most, with every character orbiting him, it would make sense if he’s seeing everything though his own lens.

Of course, the Season 2 finale revealed the “old man Jack” scene was actually Kate’s dream the night before her wedding, so this theory loses a little steam (since the writer was trying to figure out why we were about to see Jack, alive and well, 20 years after the night he died), but hey, you never know. Maybe that will be the series finale twist a few years down the line. Crazier things have happened on TV!