Nicole Cord-Cruz
March 07, 2018 11:24 am

In a perfect world, we would all be looking forward to Tuesday nights to catch the latest episode of This Is Us, not because we enjoy the emotional turmoil, but because it’s the one show that gives us our weekly dose of good vibes. Jack would not be dead, The Big Three would be living out their dreams, and the Pearson family would all be living happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is real life — Jack is very much dead, and the Pearsons are very much affected by it years later. But wait, the latest This Is Us teaser makes us think otherwise, because Jack Pearson — the man, the myth, the legend — is ALIVE AND WELL AND BREATHING.

Are you screaming? I’m screaming. We’re all screaming!!!

The This Is Us Season 2 finale promo takes us to Toby and Kate’s wedding and hints at a surprise guest. We see Kate walking down the aisle, then we get a sudden flashback to a heartwarming scene between Kate and Jack, with the latter saying, “The guy that gets to marry you, Katie Girl, he is one lucky guy.” The promo cuts to Rebecca’s face, and we see that she’s being caressed by someone who we can only assume is Miguel. But no, seconds later, it’s revealed that it’s none other than JACK FREAKING PEARSON. And he isn’t the Jack we’re used to seeing.


“Now where did the time go, Bec?” he asks. (But actually, where did it go??)

Let’s snap back to reality, shall we? Unless the show is introducing a whole alternate universe, Grandpa Jack is likely just an illusion, or part of a dream. Still, it hurts to imagine what could have been. But maybe we won’t have to imagine. Maybe the finale will reveal Jack walking Kate down the aisle. Maybe it will show Jack and Bec celebrating another wonderful anniversary, with Jack surprising Bec with an over-the-top present. And maybe I need to stop now before I drown in a puddle of my own tears.

Whether it’s a hallucination, part of a dream sequence, or a shocking new timeline, we’ll have to wait another week to find out. The This Is Us Season 2 finale airs on Tuesday, March 13th, and you better stock up on some tissues, because we’re all sure to be crying a whole lot. But maybe happy tears this time around? We’ll see.