Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 14, 2016 @ 1:11 pm
Credit: Facebook/Pound Buddies

There’s always a heartwarming story to cure even the most serious cases of mid-week blues, and this one involves a wonderfuldog who gave birth to four puppies in a snow storm in Michigan.

Here’s how it went down: A kind stranger noticed a dog wandering around the streets without an owner, and called 911 because the weather conditions were getting precarious. Another kind stranger from Pound Buddies animal shelter scooped her up at once (so many good vibes here!) and realized that she wasn’t the only dog there…

…she had four little puppies curled up next to her! That she gave birth to in a raging snowstorm!

These pups have the strongest mama. Seriously.

According to a Facebook post by Pound Buddies, the puppies and mama are doing very well.

And the puppies are really adorable…FYI. Impossibly cute puppy love is the best love!

With all the less-than-desirable things in the world, it’s so nice to hear a report where human kindness helped in a dire situation (it reminds us of the heartbreaking/heartwarming story of the Professional Santa who helped a dying child). We hope that these puppies grow into happy and healthy dogs and find caring forever homes!

BRB. Grabbing our nearest and dearest dogs/people and giving them a gigantic loving squeeze.

H/T: People