Anna Sheffer
Updated February 16, 2018 1:32 pm

Today, February 16th, the New Yorker published a shocking report detailing Donald Trump’s affair with a former Playmate named Karen McDougal. And McDougal’s account of their affair revealed the president’s elaborate methods for keeping his infidelity secret. Here’s what we know about McDougal herself.

1 She used to be a preschool teacher.

Before she became a model, McDougal taught preschool in Detroit. A swimsuit competition she entered around the same time launched her modeling career.

2 She was Playmate of the Year in 1998.

Two years after being named Playmate of the Year in 1998, McDougal was named the runner-up in the “Sexiest Playmate of the ’90s” contest behind Pamela Anderson.

3 She met Trump at a Playboy pool party.

McDougal met the billionaire at the Playboy Mansion in 2006, shortly after he had married Melania. In a note obtained by the New Yorker, McDougal wrote that Trump “immediately took a liking” to her. After the party, he reportedly asked her for her phone number.

4 Her affair with Trump ended in part because of his offensive comments.

McDougal told the New Yorker that she engaged in a consensual affair with Trump for nine months. The model ended the relationship in part because Trump called her mother an “old hag” and made offensive comments to one of her friends who was dating a black man.

5 The owner of the National Enquirer purchased the rights to her story.

During the 2016 election, the CEO of American Media Inc., which owns the National Enquirer paid McDougal $150,000 for exclusive rights to her story. The company’s CEO, David Pecker, who is friends with Trump, never printed the story but made McDougal promise not to disclose any affairs she had with a “then-married man.” McDougal stated that she regretted this agreement.

6 She’s currently a fitness model

In 1999, McDougal became the first woman featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness. She also modeled for a variety of other fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness: Hers in 2016.

7 She decided to remove her breast implants due to health issues.

According to People, McDougal got her implants in 1996 but began experiencing thyroid and adrenal problems seven years later. Her symptoms worsened, and in 2016, after a friend told her about “breast implant illness,” she decided to have hers removed.

We’re glad that McDougal decided to speak up about her affair with Trump. We’ll be watching for more updates as this story unfolds.