no small children
Credit: No Small Children

We may need to change up our side hustles, because these teachers in a rock band might take the take when it comes to cool side gigs. Composed of Nicola Berlinsky and sisters Lisa Pimentel and Joanie Pimental, the band No Small Children is a little rock band with big personality. Berlinsky and the Pimentels are all teachers at the same elementary school in Southern California, and that is about as cool as it gets when it comes to #lifegoals, #workgoals, and definitely when it comes to #friendgoals.

The trio sat down with NPR and talked details on how they make a day job as teachers and a night job as rock stars all fit into their busy lives. Nicola Berlinsky told NPR’s Alisa Chang, “I’ll see Joanie and Lisa at work, and recess becomes a band meeting… but then we start talking about our students and sharing notes about our students and really living the successes of each other’s students — and then we’re back at band practice again. They are so intertwined.”

That makes total sense, as life always provides creative people with inspiration for their art. It sounds like the teachers turned musicians really enjoy the creative process of making music and recording videos. No Small Children member Joanie Pimentel joked and said, “It’s much cheaper than therapy.”

We love that they have found a positive way to do what they love inside and outside the classroom, all while hanging out with their gal pals.

Now, if you’re thinking that no student would ever let their teacher live the news down of a secret life as a rock band member, you’re not alone. We thought the same thing!

But Nicola Berlinsky said that their students find their band funny, parents come to their shows, and that students even attend school wearing No Small Children shirts every now and then. That’s gotta be pretty cool for a few teachers from SoCal. They are like the real life, grown up versions of Hannah Montana!

No Small Children is pretty badass, if you ask us. And yes, they officially have the coolest side hustle that a teacher could have.