Lindsey Sirera
April 10, 2017 9:20 am
Ezra Bailey/ Getty Images

Nope, this isn’t a Back to the Future remake or publicity stunt. This is ~basically~ 21st-century time travel, and it could be making East Coaster’s commutes infinitely better in the near future.

Hyperloop One, a pioneering transportation company, unveiled a plan for a high-speed tube with the potential to transport passengers from Washington D.C. to New York City in approximately 20 minutes. And the idea here is (seemingly) simple: transport passengers in levitating pods through a series of electromagnetic tubes, allowing for speeds of up to 700 miles per hour.

Okay, so not all that simple to those of us who are less scientifically inclined. But still, how wild does this sound?!

“I think it’s going to become a reality,” Gabe Klein, the former head of the D.C. Department of Transportation, told NBC New York. “I think it may take longer than people think to get through all the right-of-way clearances and the sort of government regulations. But I think we are in for a sea change in terms of long-haul transportation.”

To put it in perspective, the current train ride from D.C. to NYC is approximately three hours. And if this high-tech transportation method pans out, it could change the way we travel across the states forever.

NBC News reports that Hyperloop plans to connect 80 percent of the country with these electromagnetic tubes, which would essentially cut down any cross-country train travel down to five hours or less. Meaning you might be saving loads of moolah on airplane tickets in the near future. Score!

While a project like this won’t exactly come to fruition overnight, we’re hopeful this badass levitating pod system comes to a city near us soon. Hyperloop One’s goal is to see people board said pods by 2021. But hopes be damned; we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that said 20-min Washington D.C. to New York City travel happens ASAP!