Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be one of the biggest Ballers in Hollywood, but at home, his 3-year-old is the one running the show. The actor and dream dad just shared the most adorable story about being late for work because of his daughter, Jasmine.

Johnson took to Instagram on Saturday, September 29th to reveal he was running late because his daughter (Jazzy) insisted he needed a manicure. Even Demigods need to understand the importance of cuticle care. Jazzy gets it!

Of course, Johnson relented, posting a photo from the most adorable manicure in history.

As if this weren’t cute enough, Johnson implied that he proudly left his house with the mani in tact, writing, “#NoRemoverNeeded 💅🏾 ” in the Instagram caption, alongside #PapaBearPriorities.

Now that, friends, is the true sign of a baller.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has used his social media presence to subvert male stereotypes. On Mother’s Day 2018, he shared the most epic and feminist of posts about the power and importance of women.

We really needed this.