Karen Belz
January 15, 2018 7:52 am
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

There no doubt about it — Princess Charlotte has a lot of spunk. And even though she’s only two, it seems like she’s the one in charge over at Kensington Palace. Queen Elizabeth even hinted that Princess Charlotte is the one bossing Prince George around, even though he’s two years older.

The comment came during a recent royal event. While talking to a 10-year-old that People identified as Emily Clay, Queen Elizabeth asked the girl if she “looked after” her younger sister. Clay’s mother, Ellen, joked that it was actually the other way around, at which point the queen reveal that Charlotte and George’s relationship was similar.


The Clays met with Queen Elizabeth at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Emily was the proud recipient of a Bible signed by the queen after she won a contest at school (interestingly enough, her father won the same contest 18 years ago and also received a signed Bible from the queen).

Her father stated that while it was nice to revisit the moment, things had changed for the better since then. “It was very good that we all got to go in,” he said to Eastern Daily Press. “When I won it, it was just me and my headmaster who were allowed in.”

We’re honestly not too surprised that Charlotte is emerging as a baby boss.

Back in March, Kate Middleton noted that Charlotte was “growing up really fast,” and “the one in charge.”

Sounds like Charlotte will make a formidable great big sister come March.