Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 04, 2016 1:04 pm

Excitement about the Rio Olympics is totally taking over, and we can’t wait to see how everything goes down. So we were so pumped about the big reveal of the official Rio Olympics posters, and it’s finally here! Who doesn’t love a little art to boost their love of sports?

Now available for viewing at the Deodoro Olympic Park, the posters will become decorations at schools in Rio following the games. We love that something as thrilling as the Olympics also has a base in the arts, and know that this variety of talented artists has created something that will have a powerful impact on everyone who views the final products.

Without further adieu, here are the incredible Rio Olympics posters!

Credit: Rio 2016

This vibrant poster by Brazilian street artist Kobra

Just, like, wow.

This runner by Juarez Machado’s Olimpíadas

Credit: Rio 2016

This is so cool.

This depiction of the Olympic torch by Rico Lins

Credit: Rio 2016

Love, love, love.

This cool, geometric poster by Alexandre Mancini

Credit: Rio 2016

This is so strangely calming.

This artistic take on speed, Cores em Copetição, by Guto Lacaz

Credit: Rio 2016

Talk about a smart idea.

This total stunner by Gustavo Piqueira

Credit: Rio 2016

Ah, the textures! We just wanna to rub up on it (but, don’t worry, we know we’re not supposed to!).

The beautiful Acquaplay by Gringo Cardia e Geléia da Rocinha

Credit: Rio 2016

Love the vibrant water!

This starry sky by Antonio Dias

Credit: Rio 2016

Heart eyes x 100,000,000.

This instant classic by Beatriz Milhazes

Credit: Rio 2016

What a great twist.

This abstract piece by Claudio Tozzi’s Movimento

Credit: Rio 2016

Abstract work like this just gets us.