And it wouldn't be just another Zoom call.

Morgan Noll
Jan 07, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
Credit: Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

We know everyone is getting a little tired of all the virtual reunions by now, but there's one TV show cast that never fails to make us happy. We're talking about our good friends Jim, Pam, Dwight, Angela, Kelly, Stanley, and yes, even Michael. So, when we heard that Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office, teased the possibility of a cast reunion, our ears immediately perked up. Even better, though, is that he wasn't talking about just another Zoom call where everyone reminisces about the past, but instead the production of brand-new episodes.

The Office, which originally ended in 2013, recently left Netflix and migrated to NBCUniversal's streaming service, Peacock. When talking to E! News on January 5th about a potential reunion, Daniels said, "I think it's probably more likely now that the show is on Peacock, but no plans right now certainly." We're just clinging on to the "more likely" part of that quote for now.

"People are more open to it now it seems," he continued. "The issue is—what is left to be said about the characters?"

Our answer? So much. Like, how is baby Cece doing? Are Michael and Holly's kids okay? Did Oscar win his Senate election? Did Andy ever rebound after getting parodied on the internet? Are Erin and her birth parents living a happy life together? We need to know.

Daniels' concern, however, is that it may be hard to figure out exactly where to pick up the storyline. "The weird thing about that is when we ended it, we jumped forward a year and a lot of them aren't working [at Dunder Mifflin] anymore," he said.

An alternative option, Daniels shared, would be to transport the characters back in time, revisiting old episodes and storylines from the series. "It would be fun to find some lost episodes and shoot them as if they were back in 2010 or something," he added.

Until we learn more about potential reunion details, we'll be making our way through all 201 episodes of The Office on Peacock. Oh but wait, there's more. As People reports, the streaming platform also recently confirmed that several extras and exclusives from the show would be available to stream as well. So at least we have something to tide us over!